Mutual Funds

Everyone works hard sufficiently for our Money. Day in and out, the one thing which keeps us moving is mutual funds. Now, it’s time to take care of yourself.

Mutual Fund is a financial product that pools finances from different people/organizations, retail or Institutional, to invest in different sectors of the Financial Market. The primary form of these Mutual Funds is Open-Ended Funds, Close-Ended Funds, Unit Investment Funds, & Exchange-Traded Funds. These are also classified based on their Main Investment as Money Market Funds, bond or fixed-income funds, stock or equity funds, hybrid funds, or many others.

Investors of Mutual Funds can choose from several Mutual Fund Schemes present in the market as per their Financial Goals. Mutual Funds are accepted as one of the securest and lavishly rewarding products of the Financial Market. It offers a well-balanced portfolio in a single investment. Investors can put money in Mutual Funds directly or through a Mutual Fund Advisor with a better knowledge of the market scenario.

In regards to our Mutual Fund Services in Gurgaon, R.B. Portfolios offer its customers the best investment option best suited for their needs. With respect to customer comfort, our mutual fund investment choice is SIP, wherein customers can invest monthly or in Lumpsum, or they can deposit an entire investment amount at one time. As an Investment Advisor, or in any place for that matter, Mutual Funds are forever a great investment prospect to start with.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no reason for the delay in mutual funds investment except for the one when you have no money to invest. There are no age restrictions for starting investing. When you start earning and saving, you can immediately start investing in mutual funds. Even kids nowadays have accounts.

The risk may appear at any time in any form. One needs to prepare itself for the risk arising. If you invest in any company share, there will be price risk, market risk, and company-specific risk. A typical portfolio in mutual funds may hold securities offering diversifications. They are one of the biggest advantages of investing in mutual funds.

Liquidity is one of the biggest advantages of investing in Mutual funds. It eases the conversion of an investor's unit into cash. Proper norms are laid out by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to ensure liquidity in mutual funds. Liquidity is the ease of entry or transformation of an asset into cash. Open-end schemes that contain a large majority of schemes offer liquidity as a major feature.

Yes, a PAN card is mandatory to invest in Mutual funds. R.B. Portfolios is here to help you with every paperwork required to invest in Mutual Funds.

Mutual Funds are categorized according to the classes of assets. They are classified into debt, equity, and hybrid funds.